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Full Day Child Care Options
At Crayons 2 Pencils Early Learning Center, you will find:

Directors and Staff Committed to life long learning.
Children who are excited, engaged in learning, and encouraged to be leaders.
Classrooms that are safe, stimulating, and age appropriate. 
Curriculum that is hands on, research based, meets Iowa Early Standards, and is on the cusp of the children's' learning potential. 

Classrooms are as follows:
Children move classrooms once per year - This takes place every August

Red Learning Center  - Birth to age 1 * Must be born by September 1st to attend the current school year

Orange Learning Center - Must be 1 years old by September 1st - For children ages 1 & 2

Yellow Learning Center - Must be 2 by September 1st - For children ages 2 & 3 - With Preschool 5 days per week 

Green & Blue Learning Center - Must be 3 by September 15th - For children ages 3 & 4 - With Preschool 5 days per week

Purple & Teal Learning Center - 4 & 5 Year Old's with preschool 5 days per week

Now Accepting Enrollments For 3-5 Year Olds for 2018-2019 School Year
We offer care from Birth all the way through school age children.  
Unique to Crayons 2 Pencils Early Learning Center

Looping Classrooms: At Crayons 2 Pencils we understand the importance of children creating a bond with children in their classroom. All children are placed with the children they are potentially going to attend Kindergarten with.  Children stay in one room from August to the following August.  Each August, all students move together to the next classroom. 

Preschool:  Each classroom has will have a hands on, research based curriculum. We believe children learn best when they have no idea they are learning at all. Our goal is to prepare them for Kindergarten and beyond. We work with the local schools teachers and principal to make sure we are doing everything we can for the children to make their transition to school an easy one.  We use the Iowa Early Learning Standards as well as Iowa Common Core curriculum. 

Parents: We know parents would rather stay home and play with their kids then send them to daycare but it is not always an option. We want to make their new place their home away from home where they are loved and well cared for. We also want to keep you in the loop on the day to day. I feel it is important to share pictures weekly to keep you engaged in your child's environment while you are away. You the parent are just as much a part of our program as your child is.  

Meals- Unless I learn from DHS that I cannot provide this option, we want parents to be able to provide a sack lunch for their children if they want too.  Breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack are always provided.  Sack lunch is just if your child would like to have that instead. 

Extras We Offer

  Music Classes - Story Times from local Libraries - Cooking Fun - Visits from Blank Park Zoo- Sports Fun 
& so much more!