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Crayons 2 Pencils has two campuses located in Norwalk Iowa just minutes from the airport.  

2 Campuses Located in Norwalk Iowa

Crayons 2 Pencils Early Learning Center - Birth - Pre-k Facility
Crayons 2 Pencils Recreation Center - School Age Facility (before/after school)

 At Crayons 2 Pencils you will lead daily social, learning, and physical activities for all children in their assigned classes. 

You will with your co-teachers be responsible for the overall health and welfare of the children in their classroom, which requires diligent monitoring of all children during learning times, meal times, restroom breaks, and nap times.  

You will get to attend weekly hands on team meetings to aid in the success of your classroom by sharing ideas on lesson planning and so much more. 

Full Time Employees 
Birth-Pre-K Campus

* Works 4 10 hour days (same day off each week) 
* Starting pay $10-$16 per hour depending on experience 
* Quarterly Rewards system - Prizes & Rewards
* We  help you get a college degree - 
      You pay only 10% tuition and we pay you up to 48 hours per semester to            attend classes 
* You get to be the CEO of your classroom 
* Weekly team meetings to help provide hands on training and lesson ideas 
* Hours - Monday-Friday from 7:00 AM - 5:30 PM 
* Must be 18 Years old- We will train you :) 

Part Time Employees 
(Camp Counselors is what your role would be)
School Age Campus for after school and school breaks K-5th grade

* Works 2:30-6 Monday-Friday during the school year 
* Summer hours- 4 10 hour days 
* We work around college classes 
* Quarterly Rewards system 
* Must be 18 years old 
* Starting Pay between $9-$12
* Gets to attend field trips, play games and facilitate lots of events like our color run, field day, glow in the dark parties and so much more! 

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 Contact us at:  515-285-5322
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Describe any experience you have working with children. Could be nanny, other child care centers, school teacher, camp counselor...
Have you ever been convicted of a felony?  If yes, please describe. 

* We are required to do a Federal background check as well as a fingerprint background check on all employees    
Have you ever had a DUI?  
Do you have a current 1st aid and CPR Certificate?  If yes, When does it expire?
Do you have your essentials training done?
Please place in order what age of children you like working with the best.  Your first choice being the top selection and the bottom being your last choice.
What is your first available day to start working? 
If applying for part-time please list your hours you can work each day
Our full time teachers work 4 10 hour days to be able to spend a day to themselves.  

Children stay in on classroom the entire school year.  Are you willing to commit to a full school year.  We are big on consistency at Crayons 2 Pencils
Why do you want to apply for  Crayons 2 Pencils? 
What would you like to gain from working at Crayons 2 Pencils? 
What would you bring to the classroom for your co-workers and students that would make you a great fit for Crayons 2 Pencils? 
Describe an activity that you have done with children. 
Do you have children of your own that you are looking to have attend the center too?  If so, what are their ages
Have you visited our Facebook page to find out more about the things we do? If not, take a minute to look us up.  
Tell us 3-5 things that you think we should know about you. 
Please provide us with 3 references. We need their name, how you know them and phone number 
Past employer
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Past co-worker
If this is your first job ever, just fill in the family friend reference box. 
Thank you for sending in your application.  Your application goes directly to Jill Larsen owner of Crayons 2 Pencils.  She will reach out to you in the next 24 - 48 hours.  If you have any questions you can always reach her at 515-285-5322 or email at 
Do you have a Facebook account?  If yes, what is the name.  
If no, Facebook is a requirement to work here as we do all our staff communication through it. 
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What day at times work best for an interview? 
We are currently hiring Full Time Employees who have a true passion for teaching young children. 
At Crayons 2 Pencils we run more like a school than we do a daycare.  Staff are to be self starters, work well as a team and be positive, nurturing and caring at all times.  Our staff are engaged at all times with the students in a positive upbeat manner.