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Meet Jill & Cindy 
With over 20 years of experience Jill and Cindy have been leading trainings to help both child care centers, directors and parents for years.  If you would like to schedule a training, fill out the link below.
Family Trainings
Childcare Provider Trainings
We offer both Individual Family trainings as well as large group events. 
Tips & Tricks for Dealing with your young child
2 Hour Class
Topic: Bedtime Tips, Meal Time Tricks, Technology struggles, Consistency is the key
Feelings are real no matter how big or how small
1 Hour Class
Topic: Helping understand why children have melt downs and what tips you can use
Setting Expectations and Boundaries
1 Hour Class1 Hour Class
Topic: Helping the families create house expectations and what to put in place when things don't go as planned
Set your class up for success Planning Tips and Tricks 
2 Hour Class
Topic: Working as a team in your classroom, Lesson planning success and prepping for each day

Creative Classroom 
1.5 Hour Class
Topic: We will learn how to teach with a purpose in every area of the classroom.  We will dive into each interest area of the classroom and learn how to enhance them to create an optimal learning environment.

Controlling the classroom and Effective Communication with Parents and Teachers
2 Hour Class
Topic: We will talk about how to deal with unwanted behaviors & and appropriate ways to communicate with moms and dads
If you are a teacher struggling with your classroom or a director looking for trainings for your staff, we are here to help. 
Hands on Literacy Units of Study for Toddlers - Pre-K
1 Hour Class
Topic: What high quality literacy looks like in a child care classroom

Hands on Math Units of Study for Toddlers - Pre-K
1 Hour Class
Topic: What High quality math looks like in a child care classroom

Why is Discovery Time Such an Important Part of the day?
1 Hour Class
Topic: How can I make discovery time engaging and purposeful 

Teaching Positive Behavior Intervention Systems to My Students
1.5 Hour Class 
Topic: How to teach social and emotional lessons to young children
Are you a Parent, Child Care Provider or Director?
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Child Care Program Trainings 
Family Trainings
What type of training are you looking for?
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Location Options 
(All individual Parent Trainings are done on site at our location or in large groups)
Personal Meeting with Jill & Cindy to talk about the role of a director and challenges it can come with
1 Hour 
​This is an training where we can talk about any issues you may be having or ways to improve your program.  

If you are a director - Please list your top concerns so we can no best how to assist. 
Any other questions or comments you may have?
Ready to Signed up for a class?  Fill out the form below and a member from our team will contact you. 
FT: Tips & Tricks for dealing with your young child
FT: Feelings are real no matter how big or how small
FT: Setting expectations and boundaries
CC: Set your class up for success Planning Tips & Tricks
CC: Creative Classroom
CC: Controlling the classroom & effective communication
CC: Hands on Literacy Units of Study
CC: Hands on Math Units of Study
CC: Why is discovery time such an important part of the day
CC: Teaching PBIS to my students
Directors- Challenges that come with the role